Steel Strategic

Two years ago, Scott was approached by a partner of a major Wall Street investment-banking firm and was asked to assist in raising capital to take a major Hollywood entertainment company public. Using communication and networking skills developed by his radio and television career, Steel executed the task of connecting investors, raising capital and launching the company into its initial public offering on Wall Street. With the success shown, he was further asked to assist and consult several businesses, including a major social networking website.

Throughout the process, Scott discovered a void in communication between CEOs and potential investors. By using his interpersonal communication skills, he became a much-needed liaison to all parties involved. Scott realized his talent as a consulting mediator that connects CEOs to prospective investors. He executes the fundraising of each project and acts as a consultant to both CEOs and investors to ensure the company’s success.

Earlier this year, Scott formed Steel Strategic to guide potential CEOs and investors into fruitful business relationships. If you or someone you know have potential
business ideas and are in search of investment opportunities, contact Steel Strategic today.