Scotty and the Hotties

Scotty and the Hotties is an Fun, Exciting and REAL weekly radio show and Web-cast that is broadcast Live From the entertainment capitol of the world, Hollywood. The show is comprised of Radio and Television Host Scott Steel along with his Hotties crew Made up of Miss USA , and host of Miss Universe Pageant, Claudia Jordan. Ms Hawaiian Tropic and Miss Hollywood, Amanda Holzen. Plus our resident Beautiful Blond Bimbo, Bridgette B. We can’t forget our secret weapon of the show, our no-holds-barred comedian and video producer, Disaster Dave the Dork!

Each week Scotty and the Hotties will kick off your weekend with a bang! The Fun and Frivolity is never ending as this full of life cast, entertains you and their audience with everything from pop culture, to dating do and dont’s, to the latest Hollywood news and gossip, it’s one of, if not, THE funniest thing on the radio!

 Scotty and the Hotties is a Fun, Exciting and REAL radio show.

Scott Steel  — “This show is fun, crazy and real!” says Steel. “We cover everything from pop culture to dating to the latest Hollywood gossip. It’s the best and funniest thing I’ve been involved with in my radio career, thanks to the great crew working with me.”

•With a career in media spanning more than a decade, Scott has been entertaining audiences not only across the US but around the world.
•Scott started his venture as on-air talent for Mix 96-WMTX-FM in Tampa, where his magnetic voice and personality helped catapult the station from 8th place to 1st in the ratings.
•Scott later joined 100.7 KISS FM, where he was the nighttime on-air talent leading the station to the treasured #1 ratings spot.
•Some of Scott’s most notable radio projects in Los Angeles include co-Hosting the Rick Dees in the Morning show and co-Hosting Jamie Foxx ‘s radio show, The Foxxhole.
•Scott’s talent has not been limited to radio, he has also had experience as on-air talent as a regular correspondent for MTV’s TRL and guest co-Host on Wild on E!, a hip and trendy travel show on E! Entertainment Television

Scott is off on a new endeavor and invites you to come along for the ride. Listen for Scotty and the Hottieswith co-Hosts Claudia Jordan, Bridgette B and Amanda Holzen, Video Producer Dave “The Dork” Sirusand Producer Jason Lee.

Claudia Jordan

•Claudia is anAmericantelevision and radio personality, formerMiss Rhode Island Teen USAandMiss Rhode Island USA title holder.
•She is primarily known as a formerBarker’s beautyonCBS’sgame showThe Price Is Right. She has also appeared as a model on Deal or No Deal.
•She appeared on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and has also Hosted and Judged the Miss Universe pageant.
•She also hosts her own weekly show on Sirius/XM Radio onThe Foxxhole, called “The Claudia Jordan Show.“
•Claudia brings her quick whit and urban vibe to the Scotty and the Hottiesshow.

 Bridgette B.

•Scotty and the Hotties’resident in house “sexpert,”Bridgette B.
•Born in Barcelona, Spain, this Hispanic firecracker has made the transition from good Catholic school girl to adult entertainment starlet.
•Shesbeen featured by major studios and magazines ranging from Penthouse to Hustler and all inbetween.Some of her most notable features include spots on PlayboyTVand guest spots on XM NightCallsand Spice radio.
•Loving to interact with her fans and causing people to think outside the box of what is “the norm” for them is what Bridgette B. is best known for.
•She is so proud to be a part of a new generation of radio, with Scotty and the Hotties. Is radio ready for her naughtiness??

 Amanda Holzen

•A scholar, athlete, beauty queen and fashionista, Amanda’s background and areas of expertise are as diverse as her personality.
•Amanda is a former Top Model of the USA, Miss Hollywood, and Swimsuit USA Calendar Model.
•She is a former member of the Kent State Women’s Golf team and is a sports fanatic.
•This fashionistais currently working with the women’s fashion line Hale Bob, staying up to date on trends and lines in the fashion industry.
•Amanda is the Scotty and Hottiesin-house know-it-all, she brings her academic background and thirst for knowledge to the show.

“Disaster” Dave Sirus

•Dave Sirus began doing stand up at 17, performing at the Stress Factory in NJ when he wasn’t busy not dating in high school. At Syracuse University, he became one of the premier stand ups on campus, headlining shows and opening for such comics as Jimmy Fallon, Steven Wright and Jay Mohr. Dave was also the star and head writer of Null & Void,S.U.’s only sketch comedy team, appearing on University and Central New York cable.

•After school Dave began working the N.Y. and N.J. stand up scene, performing booked gigs at Caroline’s on Broadway, NY Comedy Club, Rascal’s and many more clubs.
•In his first year out of school, Dave won Stand Up NY’s “Funniest Person From NJ” contest, and was subsequently featured in an article for The Sentinel.
•Currently Dave works as a writer and video director for the celebrated African American sketch group Slow Children Crossing, whom he’s also performed with in their west coast tour.
•In 2010, Dave gained international prominence as satirical reporter “Brick Stone,” featured on the front page of the Huffington Post.
•When he’s not attempting to make people laugh, Dave illustrates children’s books and proliferates lies on Wikipedia